Father: Valentine ANAWALT
Mother: Johanna Margaret KURTZ

Family: Susan Catherine HOFFNER
  1. Jacob ANAWALT
  2. Elizabeth ANAWALT
  3. Katharine ANAWALT
  4. Samuel ANAWALT
  5. Josiah ANAWALT
  6. Sarah (Sally) ANAWALT
  7. Susan ANAWALT
  8. Elias Hoffner ANAWALT
  9. John ANAWALT

"He lived with his parents on the home farm until reaching maturity. Later on he journeyed to Holland, where his parents resided for some considerable time before coming to America....
John and Susanna C. Anawalt removed from Holland to England in 1789....
Shortly thereafter they came back to America and settled in Somerset County (then a part of Bedford County) Pa., where they remained for the rest of their lives. He soon became a leading citizen in that section of the State. He was a contracting Carpenter and Builder and was a Bridge Builder of considerable note. Many of the early bridges in Somerset and Bedford Counties were build [sic] by him....
He is credited with services in the [War of 1812]...."
--John Anawalt Wakefield, "History and Genealogy of the Anawalts and Cognate Families"