Father: John ANAWALT
Mother: Susan Catherine HOFFNER

Family: Margaret WHITE
  1. John Lewis ANAWALT
  2. James ANAWALT
  3. Elias Hilary ANAWALT

"In his later years Josiah was an erect old gentleman, very affectionately remembered in Mount Pleasant, Pa. where he spent the later years of his life as a guest at the old 'Gibbs House', and was familiarly known as 'Uncle Joe'. A devout Baptist, he kept benevolent watch over the church affairs of the vicinity, the handicap of his deafness did not interfere with his religious activity. A great reader, having read the Bible from Genesis to Revelations inclusive, nine times. In the later years of his life, he was a staunch adherent of the 'Whigs' and Republicans."
--John Anawalt Wakefield, "History and Genealogy of the Anawalts and Cognate Families"