Valentine ANAWALT

Family 1: Johanna Margaret KURTZ
  1. John ANAWALT
  2. Susanna ANAWALT
  3. Jacob ANAWALT
  4. Christina ANAWALT
  5. Peter ANEWALT
  6. Conrad ANAWALT
  7. Anna Margaret ANAWALT
  8. Catharine ANAWALT
  9. George ANAWALT
Family 2: Barbara
"Valentine Annawald settled in Allen Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania, where he purchased from Thomas Boyd, on July 1st, 1773, for 670 Pounds (English) a tract of 103 Acres and 36 Perches of land, it being a part of a tract of 6000 Acres known as the "Indian Tract", on the west branch of the Delaware River. He also purchased a tract of 20 Acres and 10 Perches for 100 Pounds, in specie, on November 24th, 1784, from Frederick Beck. These transactions indicate that he brought with him to America, a considerable sum of money, in specie, and was not an impecunious immigrant. On these purchased lands he built a large and substantial two story residence. I have a Kodak picture of this home, taken in 1925, showing its substantial and lasting character, though now sadly in need of repairs...He was a Farmer and a Weaver, a substantial Tax-payer. He was a Revolutionary War soldier..."
--John Anawalt Wakefield, "History and Genealogy of the Anawalts and Cognate Families"