Lulu McGaffey Father: Fletcher HUTTON
Mother: Sarah J. DRYNAN

Family: Ancil T. MCGAFFEY
  1. Margaret MCGAFFEY
  2. Ernest MCGAFFEY
  3. Dorothy MCGAFFEY
  4. William MCGAFFEY
  5. Ethel Del MCGAFFEY
  6. Edward MCGAFFEY

"Mrs. McGaffey was baptized and joined the Baptist church while living in this neighborhood. Not finding a Baptist church in Waupun, Wisconsin, where she made her home most of the time after leaving these parts, she united with the Congregational church, where she continued to evidence her interest and belief in spiritual things. She was a great homebody. In fact, she made home her kingdom. Her power and influence radiated from the hearth which proved to be the natural focus of her highest strength, gifts and ambitions. Even after her children grew up and established homes of their own, her interest in their affairs did not slacken and her influence on their lives did not weaken."

--Dixon Evening Telegraph, April 1, 1946