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Butt Kicking for Goodness

This is the original party, which is going through the "Adventure Path" series of modules.


(We Ain't Afraid of No Goats -- formerly Takin' Care of Business.) This is the second party, which is going through a collection of adventures from Dungeon and other places.


This is the party which is going through Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil in the Forgotten Realms setting.

Chaos Brothers

This is a party which involves Ben and George (or Ben and Steve) each playing two brothers. It takes place in the Forgotten Realms.

Who's Who

Here's a cast of characters.


Monday, July 14, 2003

The Harrowing, Part One

The time spent tending to affairs in Greyhawk was relaxing and productive. Spurred by Kord's decision to buy a house in the city, I purchased one of my own in the same vicinity. We're going to share staff, since we're away from town so often, and I took care to provide for my adventuring friends, should they require space and privacy while in "my" neighborhood. I don't recall wanting to own property before, but somehow it all sounded quite desireable while listening to Kord, even if I can't remember all the reasons why.

Eventually, having overseen the stocking of the wine cellar, pantry, wine cabinet, linen closet, and wine rack, and picking out a uniform for the maid (the security guard having, I assume, found his own), I found that sleeping in a home was a lot like staying in an inn, but with little chance of being attacked and even less of someone else buying the wine, which meant I was more than ready to accompany Blackjack to survey his old stomping grounds. If Kord had similar reasons for coming, he didn't share them with me and I didn't ask, but what I know of him doesn't make me think he values rest overmuch.

What we've found so far doesn't appear headed for rest or boredom, reminding me as so much has done since I left home that one needn't rush adventure, for once it comes it often demands your attention more completely and for longer than you wished. We found many dead birds along the road, not in itself alarming, as I took them as a sign of Giant trouble and nothing more, until the number of spiders underfoot began to reach numbers characterized first as unusual, but eventualy as alarming indeed.

Following their increasing numbers along the road led us to an intriguing cave mouth, as it often will, and once we went inside we were set upon by attackers, as we often are. I'd not encountered this creature before, which hid in the ceiling and shot webs at us, but Kord and Blackjack applied magic to rise to their location and blades to quiet their assault, while I kept what I felt to be a sharp eye out for trouble, proven I believe by the fact that none approached during this time.

Deeper in the caves, past a low stretch of underground river, we found more of these beasts and a centaur, strangely formed not of horse and man, but man and spider. To be truthful, he didn't put up much of a fight, but his visage was such that I don't relish the idea of meeting his bretheren. Unfortunately, we stand now at the top of a shaft decending quite some distance into the earth, and in my memory no such shaft had a pleasant creature at the bottom as had such a figure at the top.

Tomorrow, we press on.

Rannos of Greyhawk
posted by Jon Grantham 7:21 PM

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Glacier Season, Part Six

In which Zook, Blackjack, Kord, Gremag and Rannos vanquish the dragon and the now-evil Taigiel, and loot the hoard.
posted by Jon Grantham 11:51 AM

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Glacier Season, Part Five

Zook, Blackjack, Taigiel and Kord make their way towards the confrontation with Acessiwal. The battle is epic, but inconclusive. Taigiel dies, Kord wanders away, and Zook and Blackjack teleport out minus Blackjack's bag of holding.
posted by Jon Grantham 3:58 PM

Monday, March 10, 2003

Glacier Season, Part Four

Zook, Blackjack and Taigiel exit the hydra's cave in search of the true entrance to the dragon's compound. They ran across Kord, a fellow adventurer, who joined them. Blackjack prayed to his god for the path to Acessiwal's lair. His prayers lead the party to try to swim the frozen river into the compound. They disturb a purple worm, which grabs Blackjack in its mouth, but is dispatched before it can swallow him.

They poke around for a while before finding themselves trapped by a force cage. Blackjack dimension doors out, but finds himself in a room with an ice paraelemental and twenty ice mephits. Zook teleports out, and after the battle is over, they free Taigiel and Kord. While exploring an ettin's room, the ettin himself returns with reinforcements.

The ettin, Taigiel's brother (Samakel), Samakel's two henchmen and two ice creatures rush the party, but are slowed by Kord's web. Samakel brings his brother close to death before succumbing to the party. Eventually, the dragon's henchmen all fall to spells and bladework.
posted by Jon Grantham 10:08 PM

Sunday, January 19, 2003

Glacier Season, Part Three

The party crosses a river, finds a tunnel in the cliff wall, and heads in. Gremag avoids a couple of traps, and the party finds a hydra. The more heads they cut off, the more grow back, and they can't seem to affect the body. Zook finally offs the creature with a phantasmal killer.
posted by Jon Grantham 5:21 PM

Monday, January 13, 2003

Glacier Season, Part Two

Having lost track of Gremag, the party picks up a Geoffian fighter to journey to the Mect Cliffs to find Acessiwal's lair. They avoid a herd of mastodons and chase away a small white dragon. But when the mastodons with which they cross paths bear frost giants, battle is joined. Their new comrade falls in battle, but Zook and Blackjack emerge victorious and continue on to the dragon's lair, along with Taigiel.
posted by Jon Grantham 12:29 PM

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Quest for Amelia

The party finds Baron NeMoren's missing bride and tangles with the authorities.
posted by Jon Grantham 1:21 PM

Monday, August 19, 2002

Chaos Brothers

Valley of the Snails

The party searches for a missing ranger, and then kills him.

NeMoren's Vault, Part One

The party searches the catacombs under Baron NeMoren's mansion for their inheritance.
posted by Jon Grantham 7:30 PM



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