Friday, April 16, 2004


Another article that I saw in the paper today (which I can't find online) was about South African wines, specifically Fairview. Apparently, they have wine called "Goats Do Roam", which is a takeoff on the French "Côtes du Rhône". I like antipodean wine, so I want to try some of this, especially since the article said that they just signed a deal with an American importer. The fact that it upsets the French only makes it better.

Amusingly, this wine was on the menu at Vickery's, where we went to dinner for the opening of the math conference I'm attending. But hanging out with mathematicians put me more in the mind of drinking beer, so I passed this evening. I'll have to keep an eye out for it once it appears in my local wine store, though.


As I was reading the paper this morning, I was struck by how sad it was to see forces loyal to the previous regime defying the United States and refusing to acknowledge their military defeat. It also explained why hotel rooms in Charleston, SC, are so hard to come by this weekend. They're burying some Rebel sailors they dug up from a Confederate submarine. Ah, the South.

I guess I shouldn't make too much fun. They're a lot nicer down here than people are back North.

Monday, April 12, 2004

Pacific Peak Merlot

As I've mentioned recently, we've been expanding our knowledge of wine. One of the issues we've come across is that to get good wine, you have to spend a little bit more than you'd want to for a glass or two a day. So we've been looking for an OK wine to stock around the house. We've recently come across Pacific Peak Merlot, which is a fairly mild wine that Laurel's Corridor Fine Wine stocks in the "double" (1.5L) size. This newspaper column describes it thusly, "You can even taste a very slight hint of plums in this one. It's pretty light but has good balance and no major faults."