Saturday, December 13, 2003

Dubious Achievement

Well, with the NFL season winding down and the Redskins all but eliminated from the playoffs, I have the question of what to root for. There's beating the Cowboys and the Eagles and hurting their playoff hopes (or positioning). There's going out on a winning note -- if the Skins run the table, they can avoid a losing season.

But I'm rooting for one sort of odd achievement. How about a Patriots-Seahawks Super Bowl? That would mean that the Skins would have beaten both of the Super Bowl teams -- a feat last achieved in the Washington Redskins (8-8). OK, and the 2000 Titans (13-3). Still, the Titans had something else to root for that year...they were Super Bowl contenders in their own right. So I asked the questions: How often have teams beaten both Super Bowl teams, and have they ever been worse than the 2000 Skins?

The answers: 11 and yes (thanks to

The complete list:

  • 2000 Skins (8-8)
  • 2000 Titans (13-3)
  • 1996 Cowboys (10-6)
  • 1993 Dolphins (9-7)
  • 1986 Seahawks (10-6)
  • 1985 Dolphins (12-4)
  • 1981 Browns (5-11)
  • 1980 Cowboys (12-4)
  • 1980 Chargers (11-5)
  • 1979 Chargers (12-4)
  • 1978 Rams (12-4)

Sunday, December 07, 2003

Thanksgiving in North Carolina

Looks like I've been a little lax in posting recently. Let's correct that with a couple of pictures from our Thanksgiving trip to North Carolina. The first is of Christina and myself with our nephew, Luke.

The second is of me playing Magic: The Gathering with our nephew, Witt (and with Copper).