Friday, March 14, 2003

Snotty North Dakotas

What's wrong with people from North Dakota? A few weeks ago, I read a letter to the editor in USA Today from someone in North Dakota expressing wonder that people on the East Coast couldn't deal with the recent snowstorm. He said that that sort of thing wasn't a problem for the "occasional snowstorm" they might have in North Dakota and implied it was because of the superior work ethic of North Dakotans. The natural conclusion is that businesses should relocate there. I can't find the full article on-line, but this link might bring up the first few sentences of it.

Oh, really? A quick search brings up these articles: Winter storm snarls North Dakota travel and Snow snarls highway travel in North Dakota. The best part...the first article is from October, the second from May.

Now I read the article Haywire ATM Spits Out Extra Cash, which contains the following choice quote:

"I'm glad we're in North Dakota," Rasmussen said. "Somebody out East or West may not have had our same values."

Yeesh. I know people from the coasts make fun of "flyover country," but the next time I feel bad about doing so, I'll remember the giant cow chip you guys seem to have on your shoulders.

P.S. South Dakotans: you're still on my good side. But I'll be keeping an eye on you...

Thursday, March 13, 2003

San Diego Pictures

We went to San Diego last month. I spent most of the time at work, but we did get to have a little fun. We made it in to La Jolla (pictured below) several times.

On Friday afternoon, we took a whale watching cruise. On the way out of port, we saw quite a number of Navy ships.

And then we saw some whales! The pictures don't do justice to how amazing it was to see them!

Afterwards, we went up to Pacific Beach to watch the sun set.


Monday, March 10, 2003

Georgia on My Mind

Well, I knew all along I wouldn't have my alma mater, Michigan, to root for in the NCAA tourney despite their fairly good season. Looks like I won't have Georgia to worry about, either.