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Tuesday, February 19, 2002

Thirds of Purloined Vellum

This adventure was from Dungeon #88.

The Brasstwister and Galandoel brothers were newly arrived in the Amnian city of Athkatla when they happened upon a merchant and his bodyguard being attacked by thugs. They intervened, and the end result had the thugs and the bodyguard laying dead. They introduced themselves to Kathkallan of Teziir, who explained his predicament.

Kathkallan had sent his journey man, Galliad ahead to schedule meetings to sell his royal jelly and to buy vanilla beans. Unfortunately, Galliad disappeared along with the crucial documents.

Kathkallan hired the party to guard him and to help him find the fate of his journeyman and retreive the documents. Asking around, they found that Galliad had gone to the Platinum Quill to arrange for a caravan and had not been seen since. They found that he was directed there by Anteashara, a porter, who worked with Catellion, the PQ's proprietor.

During the interrogation of Catellion, Anteashara showed up, and the party ended up detaining them for questioning. The two did not give much information, unfortunately.

The party, however, was able with the help of their own porter, Bernal, were able to identify that Anteashara had a wealthy art collector client near the Path of Silk Flowers (the red light district). After extensive investigation on the Path of Silk Flowers, they happened upon the Avenue of Chimes. Where the two met was the mansion of the man they were looking for.

They broke into the mansion, defeated the wizard and his thugs and rescued the vellum from the art collection where it was stored. They also liberated the art and ended up with a healthy profit.
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